RhinoShield Mmmmmmm™: The Super Tough Fully Edible Phone Case

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Yet another breakthrough in materials science!

In 2017, we achieved to create a certified food-grade, 100% BPA free material for our cases. But we didn't stop there. Since then, we took up another challenge, aiming to combine the protective and edible properties into a single material. After nearly two years of hard work, we are so excited to introduce:

Our first edible protective phone case, RhinoShield Mmmmmmm™, is coming soon!

Made with the brand new ChocSpread™ technology, Mmmmmmm™ is super tough yet flexible at the same time, 100% edible and heavenly delicious (dark chocolate flavored).

Coming soon to a supermarket near you. Stay tuned!

Official Website: http://rhinoshield.io
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