Off Camera Flash for BEGINNERS // Strobist Tutorial

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Flash photography can be a bit confusing, especially when we complicate matters by taking the flashgun off the camera. Here's a beginner's guide, with some off camera flash setup ideas to get your started.

▶︎ My Flashguns/Trigger Kit: https://geni.us/aYwT
▶︎ The cool triggers I used to use: https://geni.us/eiCWIBF

(P.S. Flashguns tend to be listed for a certain brand, but these flashguns will work with any brand that fits the hotshoe. As covered in part on they don't communicate too much with the camera so aren't brand specific.)

If you're totally new to flash photography, check out Part One here, which goes over the basics of ON-camera flash: https://youtu.be/nL4-KEbsu-c

Any questions let me know in the comments below!

- Emily

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