How To Create Presets In The Adobe Lightroom CC For Mobile App

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How To Create Presets In The Adobe Lightroom CC For Mobile App

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create your own Presets in the Adobe Lightroom CC for Mobile App.

You can save any group of favorite edit settings as a Preset in Adobe Lightroom CC for iOS or Android

Once you have created a Preset, you can then apply that same look to other images in a single click.

Creating Presets for Adobe Lightroom CC for Mobile used to require a complex workaround but no more. Ignore all old the videos, and articles, that talk about needing to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic first to build mobile presets.

That method is no longer necessary and now, as you will see, we can build Presets without leaving our mobile device.

The coolest part, in my opinion, of this new feature is that you can design presets that suit your taste once in the Adobe Lightroom CC ecosystem and then those presets will automatically be available for you to use on your phone, on your tablet, and on your computer (Adobe Lightroom CC only.)

The most amazing part here is that custom Edit Presets automatically sync to all of your other Adobe Lightroom CC connected devices.

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