FAST Photo Import with Fujifilm XT3 and Photo Mechanic 6

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My fast photo import workflow with Fujifilm XT3 and using Photo Mechanic 6 and Adobe Lightroom (Classic). #fujifilm #xt3 #lightroom . SEE INFO BELOW.

Photo Mechanic can be found here:
Music by Dixxy:

A couple of things:

1. Please remember that this is MY preferred workflow. It's what works for me. If you are a hardcore Adobe fan, that's awesome! But everyone can have a difference of opinion. Please don't get worked up over it. Life's too short. Please take your medication. I take mine.

2. I'm very aware that there's a Lightroom CC option instead of 'Classic'. But I'm not interested in using/paying for yet another company's cloud storage offering, as I use SSDs (very cost effective and FAST) and they auto-backup constantly via Backblaze to the cloud anyway.

Also, I don't like to edit on a mobile device. I can edit a photo or a video 1000x faster on a high-end desktop computer with multiple monitors. Editing on a mobile phone or iPad for me is about the same experience as trying to paint my entire house with a tube of White Out. And yes, I travel a lot but that's why laptops were invented.

3. I realize that Adobe has made improvements to Lightroom. But many of them are just minor changes to menus and stuff like that. Or, they have poorly implemented features such as "Enhance details of your raw images" which spits out a DNG that's about double the size of your RAF and works about 1/2 the time. And yet, a single developer w/o the $$$$ that Adobe has went ahead and created a much better Fujifilm X-Trans RAW converter for Fujifilm X-Trans files. See here:

4. I'm not making one single cent off of Photo Mechanic. I have no relationship with them at all. In fact, I was pissed at Camera Bits (the company that makes the software) the other day during installation as I had licensing issues trying to install on my replacement laptop. That stupid new butterfly 2019 MacBook Pro keyboard drove me to drink heavily -- and straight back to my old 2015 MacBook Pro. See my RANT video here that's all about that: For what it's worth, someone at Camera Bits was very helpful and got me back on the right track -- and they had absolutely no idea that I make YouTube videos about cameras, software, and technology.

5. To be sure that the star ratings that you make in Photo Mechanic will be seen in Lightroom, make sure that you set Lightroom to write changes to XMP files. In LR, go to Catalog Settings; click the Metadata tab, and turn on the checkbox beside “Automatically write changes into XMP”. When you do this, some people say it actually slows down LR a bit. I've not noticed that, but you will get small .xmp files that are stored alongside your photos. These contain the edit info you make so they can be referenced in other programs. Perhaps a good idea if you are planning on one day migrating away from LR anyhow!

Thanks for watching!
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