Dual Tone Effects in Lightroom Mobile Tutorials || Portrait Coloring Effects

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Dual Toning Photo Effects is a unique photography lighting to shoot an amazing Portrait images.
And it's always looks great on every images.
So, In this tutorial I am going to show you How to do it without taking photography. We will use only 2 apps which is available to download in Playstore.
1. Snapseed
2. Lightroom
Let's write down it in step by step...
Step 1 - Open your image in snapseed and click on Portrait filter image background is black. After that mask it out.
Step 2 - Make that images B&W/Black and white and save it.
Step 3 - Open your image in lightroom and use selective tool.
For better understanding watch the full tutorial.
Step 4 - Add Blue Toning in Curves. Our 4 steps are completed and if you want to change the color or do other adjustments again watch the tutorial and I'm sure it will helps you a lot. I hope I brought a smile on your face. Keep Supporting and Keep Creating... ● SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL - https://www.youtube.com/PicEditPro
● KEYWORDS - #DualTone #LightroomTutorial #CreativePhotoEditing #PicEditPro ◆DISCLAIMER - All the photo shown in the video and thumbnail is used for educational purposes only. I'm not the owner of the images. It's just for used as a tutorial.
Photo Credit #FlyingBeast
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Thank You !
Keep Supporting & Keep Creating !
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