Download Top 10 Cinematic Presets of 2019 for Free | How to Install Presets in Photoshop

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Download Top 10 +2Bonus Cinematic Presets for Camera Raw:-


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Basic Shortcuts Used in this Video
Ctrl + A (Select All)
Ctrl + C (To Copy)
Ctrl + V (To Paste)
Ctrl + T (Free Transform)
Ctrl + U (Hue/Saturation)
Ctrl + M (Curves)
Ctrl + L (Levels)
Ctrl + Z (Undo)
Ctrl + D (Deselect)

Before coming to the point of Editing, the most important thing is the Photography. Yes your Photo which you are going to edit should be perfectly captured with perfect angle & in Perfect Pose than only you can edit tht photo well to make it look more better. Well in this Video I have shown how to edit the image in photoshop. How to edit photos using adobe lightroom also there in my tutorials. So Kindly watch every kind of stuff which you really looking for and get expertise in ur skills of photoediting and as well as video editing.
I have the collection of every kind of videos for complete online photoshop course.
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Top 10 Cinematic Luts :-

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Установка Лайтрум - Lightroom - как установить

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